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Bill Stanley, Principal Engineer, founded BillCo Labs in 2002.

Bill has worked in the Consumer and OEM Electronics fields since 1976 and was a Founder of two start-up companies, EPX, Inc. and Personal Solutions, Inc. At EPX, he worked on the control system for the Infinitely Variable Transmission design. EPX currently licenses an indestructible sprag clutch design. At Personal Solutions, he focused on consumer design handheld systems for consumer finance. Bill was named on Patent No. US 6,431,439 B1 for his work at Personal Solutions.


BS Electrical Engineering San Jose State University
MS Electrical Engineering San Jose State University
MS Computer Information Systems San Jose State University

Involvement in Standards Committees and Contributions

Bills professional technical experience in Electrical Engineering spans more than 26 years. Bill has been involved extensively in IEEE committees for approximately a decade. While employed at Adaptec, Inc. (1990 - 2000), he participated in and contributed to IEEE meetings (U.S. and international), working groups and Specifications - IEEE 1284.1, 1284.2, and 1284.3 Specifications. He was a voting member and was involved in the ballot resolution groups for the IEEE 1284.1, 1284.2, 1284.3 Specifications.

Bill has been involved in many technical committees and standards bodies, including IEEE, Infiniband, IrDA, MMCA, PCMCIA, SDA, SDIO, and the USB IF.

Patents / Published Articles / Teaching and Speaking Engagements

Bill has written technical papers, which have been published in Electronics trade journals, taught technical classes, given technical presentations, contributed to and edited many technical specifications.

He has filed for several patents. One patent has been granted to him, which was related to Infrared Technology and financial transactions. He has served as an expert advisor for patent infringement cases. He was invited to teach a technical course on IEEE 1284 in the US and Europe and was a guest speaker for WinHec Asia.

A list of some of his hands-on work experience and accomplishments include:

Mobile Digital Media (MDM)

Consulting for MDA and acting as an advocate and liaison to the MMCA for standards proposals

Reactrix, Inc.

Engineering consultant working on high power synchronized IR vision system. Worked with existing IR illuminator system to debug and upgrade an IR illumination system. Designed a new, synchronized multi camera system including design, PCB layout and all microprocessor firmware. Project assistance to mechanical engineering to package unit for testing.

Wheels of Zeus (wOz)

Hardware Design Engineer for a start-up firm founded by Steve Wozniak. Responsible for all digital hardware for a hand held personal GPS based locator system. Designed digital baseband, I/O, MODEM, power supply, and overall system architecture. The total system design includes 3 separate hardware units each based on different microprocessors, and each of which is intended for high volume consumer production.

Palm, Inc.

Served as External Standards and I/O Architecture Engineer within the Palm Advanced Technology Group. Some notable accomplishments include:

Created the electrical and protocol specification for Palm's "Universal Docking Connector", which is still in use today.

Served as evangelist to promote both the universal connector and the SD slot to developers, which included high profile speeches at multiple events including the Palm Source conferences in the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Created the specification for a general purpose SDIO interface chip to simplify the creation of SDIO peripherals. Multiple third party ASIC houses have used this specification as a basis to create commercial products.

Acted as the active company representative to a number of standards groups including the following:

The SD Association
The MMC Association
The IrDA

Additional Experience:

Shugart Associates

Developed microprocessor-based automated test and evaluation equipment for some of t he first mass-produced hard disk drives.

Quantum Corporation

As one of the very early employees, Bill continued to work on the creation of automatic test and development equipment for disk drive design and manufacture. Skills include analog and digital designs and programming.

Adaptec, Inc.

As the first employee of Adaptec in 1981, Bill worked on most of the products built and sold by Adaptec during its first 10 years. Notable product design accomplishments were:

Hardware design and programming of the first dedicated LSI SCSI disk controller.

Hardware design and firmware of many IBM PC disk controllers including the first RLL based controller.

Complete responsibility for the architecture, ASICs and all microcode for Adaptec's first low cost surface mount based controller.

Many SCSI host adapters including Adaptec's line of PCMCIA host adapters.

The ASIC and design of the first Plug-and-Play ISA host adapter.

Design of several laser printer controllers including the design and all firmware for a low cost SCSI based laser printer controller.

The ASICs and design of all Adaptec's IrDA adapters.

The design of a USB to SCSI adapter.

An active participant in the development of the USB mass storage specification.

The initial proof of concept design of an Ethernet to SCSI adapter.

Work on the early "Infiniband" specification.



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