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Bill has worked actively and extensively with many standards bodies that have created open industry standards in widespread use today. Involvement with these associations has given Bill a wide skill set in addition to key contacts and a more complete understanding of these organizations. He has traveled extensively within the US and around the world meeting with standards groups, interacting with diverse cultures, companies and technologies, and understands the politics and issues with many different standards bodies and how to get things done, while developing long term relationships with them.

Some of the groups he has worked with are:

IEEE 1284 (the parallel port):

Active in the creation of the initial standard creation and worked with all of the sub-groups, 1284.2, 1284.3, and 1284.4.


Created and held the Chairman position for the compliance committee.


Worked on the technical committee and served on the Board of Directors.


Worked on the initial physical and hardware specifications.


Worked on the Technical and Compliance Committees and served on the Board of Directors.


Worked on the mass storage class specification and with the USB on-the-go groups.


Co-chair and editor of the SDIO specification and an active member of the Technical Committee

This standards group work has given us valuable insight into the detailed workings of many current standards. We can act as your voice or as an information conduit to these and other technical working groups.


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